J C Penney Company Inc (NYSE:JCP) most recently reported quarterly actual earnings per share of $-0.21 for the period ending on 2016-10-31. Prior to the company reporting, consensus estimates based on data from Zacks Research projected the company to report EPS of $-0.22. The difference between the estimate and the actual EPS was $0.01 creating a surprise factor of 4.55%. Currently, the company has an impact score of 92. The likelihood that the stock will move on news is greater with a higher impact score. According to Beta Research, the stock has a sentiment score of 0.334. On a scale between 1 and -1, a positive score tends to portray a favorable view of company results by news outlets. The opposite is true for a negative sentiment score.

Looking ahead to the next fiscal quarter, Wall Street analysts are expecting earnings per share of -0.22 for the period closing on 2016-10-31. This is the Zacks Consensus estimate calculated as the arithmetic average of all the individual analyst EPS estimates according to their own proprietary methodology (BNRI Accounting). Investors are expecting that J C Penney Company Inc (NYSE:JCP) will issue their earnings release on or around 2017-02-23. In comparing the results to the same quarter a year ago, the firm posted earnings of $-0.21 for the period which endend on 2016-10-31.

In taking a look at where the stock might be headed, analysts have a consensus price target of $11.464 on the shares. The most bullish brokerage firm has a $18 target, while the most bearish sees the stock headed towards $7. This is according to the 14 estimates taken into consideration by Zacks Research.

In terms of Buy/Sell recommendations, analysts have a consensus rating of 2.53. This is according to a simplified scale where 1 represents a Strong Buy and 5 a Strong Sell recommendation. There were 14 recommendations taking into account in order to arrive at this number. Of the 14, 7 have a Strong Buy rating and 0 are rating it a Buy.

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