Gevo, Inc. (NASDAQ:GEVO) most recently reported quarterly actual earnings per share of $-0.09 for the period ending on 2016-09-30. Prior to the company reporting, consensus estimates based on data from Zacks Research projected the company to report EPS of $-0.09. The difference between the estimate and the actual EPS was $0 creating a surprise factor of 0%. Currently, the company has an impact score of 100. The likelihood that the stock will move on news is greater with a higher impact score. According to Beta Research, the stock has a sentiment score of 0.31. On a scale between 1 and -1, a positive score tends to portray a favorable view of company results by news outlets. The opposite is true for a negative sentiment score.

Looking ahead to the next fiscal quarter, Wall Street analysts are expecting earnings per share of -0.09 for the period closing on 2016-09-30. This is the Zacks Consensus estimate calculated as the arithmetic average of all the individual analyst EPS estimates according to their own proprietary methodology (BNRI Accounting). Investors are expecting that Gevo, Inc. (NASDAQ:GEVO) will issue their earnings release on or around 2017-04-04. In comparing the results to the same quarter a year ago, the firm posted earnings of $-0.09 for the period which endend on 2016-09-30.

In taking a look at where the stock might be headed, analysts have a consensus price target of $2.25 on the shares. The most bullish brokerage firm has a $4 target, while the most bearish sees the stock headed towards $0.5. This is according to the 2 estimates taken into consideration by Zacks Research.

In terms of Buy/Sell recommendations, analysts have a consensus rating of 2. This is according to a simplified scale where 1 represents a Strong Buy and 5 a Strong Sell recommendation. There were 2 recommendations taking into account in order to arrive at this number. Of the 2, 1 have a Strong Buy rating and 0 are rating it a Buy.

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